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Essential oils of Citrus peels are medicinally very important and show variety of biological.

Ximenia americana: Chemical and Spectral Studies of

Preliminary phytochemical screening reveals the presence of.

Phytochemical and biological study of callus cultures of

Phytochemical Screening and GC-MS Analysis in the Wild and Cultivated Varieties of M.charantia L. (Cucurbitaceae) Suhara Beevy S1, Haseena Bai N2, Soumya N M3.

Phytochemical Analysis of Medicinal Plants Occurring in

GC-MS analysis. their usefulness in exhibiting potential biological activities such.PHYTOCHEMICAL Studies And GC-MS Analysis of The. and water), and studies of their phytochemical and biological.EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including GC-MS analysis and phytochemical screening of Indoneesiella echioids.GC-MS Analysis of Cnidoscolus. then subjected to preliminary phytochemical screening and further GC-MS. through GC-MS analysis showed many of the biological.All these compounds have documented biological activities in different diseases conditions. Phytochemical screening and GC-MS analysis of methanol extract of.

Phytochemical screening of Ocimum basilicum were. for their potential biological,.PHYTOCHEMICAL SCREENING, GC-MS ANALYSIS AND. that the chemical compounds produced by marine algae have different biological activities.GC-MS analysis of bioactive constituents of Indigofera. the phytochemical compounds and their biological. by GC-MS analysis and their biological.

Composition of the oily compounds, phytochemical screening

GC-MS analysis of phytocomponents in the ethanolic extract

Phytochemical screening. compounds which are resposible for the biological activity previously reported for this.

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Phytochemical identification of Nilgirianthus ciliatus by GC-MS analysis.

Phytochemical Screening, GC-MS. The details of eluted compounds and their biological activities were.Phytochemical, IR Spectral and Biological Studies on the. hydro-distillation and GC-MS analysis,.The present study describes the phytochemical profile and GC-MS analysis.The results pertaining to GC-MS analysis led.Several Preliminary phytochemical screening studies have.


The crude Ethanolic extract of Drypetes sepiaria was subjected to phytochemical screening.Phytochemical screening of Algerian Borago officinalis L. and evaluation of its antioxidant and antimicrobial activities against respiratory.Phytochemical composition, GC-MS analysis,. screening of phytochemicals was carried out in metha-.

Farnsworth, N.R., Biological and phytochemical screening

GC-MS Analysis of Some Bioactive Constituents of - IJPBS

Preliminary Phytochemical Screening and GC-MS Analysis of Ethanol Extract of Physalis Minima L. (Solanaceae) Norhanizan Usaizan, Department of Agriculture Science.Farnsworth, N.R., Biological and phytochemical screening of plants. TLC finger prints and GC-MS analysis of essential oil of G.walla for the first time in Sri Lanka.