The TOUGH suite of software codes are multi-dimensional numerical models for simulating the coupled transport of water, vapor, non-condensible gas, and heat in porous...

Influence of Calcium Hydroxide Dissolution on the

Pervious Concrete, Surface Physics, Moisture Transport through Porous Media,.

Porous Stones for Permeability and Triaxial Testing

The coupled flow of heat and moisture in porous building materials has received considerable. Janz M. Moisture transport and fixation in porous materials at high.

For partially saturated porous materials, moisture transport relies on both.


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In this paper a modified two-dimensional Luikov model for evaluating the non-isothermal moisture migration in porous building materials was proposed.Modelling the heat and moisture transport can help in understanding the mechanisms which are.The present study investigates the mechanisms of moisture transport in porous materials.

Porous Stones - For permeability and triaxial testing to allow even distribution of water through sample.Determination of the Isothermal Moisture Transport Properties of Porous Building Materials JAN CARMELIET1 AND STAF ROELS Department of Civil Engineering.

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Unsaturated flow in porous media theory relates hydraulic diffusivity with water content assuming an exponential or power dependence on water saturation. Water.

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DISSOLUTION ON THE TRANSPORT PROPERTIES OF HYDRATED CEMENT. ions and water in reactive porous materials. moisture transport is described in terms.

Bound and free water distribution in wood during water